About ARJ – Network

Artistic freedom is a universal human right, and anchored as such, in Austrian law.

Arts Rights Justice Austria is an open network platform concerned with artistic freedom and in insuring its security. It is open to participants dedicated to a democratic, discrimination-free and participatory stance.

Network platform goals:

  • Contact and exchange point: networking individual participants and exchange of ideas about freedom of the arts in Austria and internationally.
  • Connection to the international network Arts Rights Justice Europe
  • Monitor infringement of artists’ rights in Austria
  • Consciousness raising and publicity
  • Observation and examination of the development of rights in Austria and the EU


Since 2017, the Brunnenpassage is a location and laboratory to practicetrans cultural arts. Over 400 events take place yearly in the one-time market hall on Vienna’s Brunnen Market. The program content covers theater, dance, music events, exhibitions and film. In-house art productions are co-creations, promoting eye-to-eye encounters. The key focus is on multi-year cooperations with established inner-city cultural institutions. The artistic profile is distinguished by high quality, openess to the public and heterogenous contributors.


4.000 members, 50 member associations, data bank of Austrian literature from the 20th and 21st centuries, promotion and protection of the interests of writers, support in contractual issues and in cases of censorship, initiatives in the areas of tax and social law, copyright, art, education, media politics, development and assessment of laws and general contractual rulings, group exhibitions, presentation of new publications of Austrian publishers at international book fairs, cooperation with LiteRadio.

The IG BILDENDE KUNST was founded in 1956 as a self-organized lobby to actively influence and participate in political decision processes and their effect on visual artists and to push for the improvement of structural frameworks of artistic work. The central
field of activity encompasses the protection of interests and representation in
cultural-political, social, legal, economic, and other specifically professional interests of visual artists and the promotion of public interest in their work.

The IG Kultur is a national umbrella organization and lobby for over 550 autonomous cultural initiatives. The IG Kultur represents self-determining and continually active cultural initiatives in the field of contemporary cultural exchange and production. The central purpose is the improvement of working conditions for an emancipated cultural work environment. The IG Kultur functions as a cultural-political lobby and advisory body in the name of cultural initiatives.

Since its establishment in1923, the Austrian PEN Club follows the founding principles of the PEN-Charta;Literature knows no borders and must also in times of national andinternational political unrest, protect a common humanity. Under allcircumstances and especially in times of war, works of art, mankind’s legacy,should remain safe and untouched by national or political passions/mood swings.A cross border dialogue must be upheld, even more so, in times when refugeesare subject to extreme disadvantages.

SMart’s business model is based on the principle of shared economy and solidarity. Its aim is to improve working conditions for artists and other creative people in an innovative, practical and sustainable manner. As part of a European initiative, we are looking for creative solutions throughout Europe.


The first film festival of its kind in Austria, this human world, was founded and first took place in Vienna in 2008 coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the intention of creating and developing a platform for the city on the theme of human rights. This human world hosts in Vienna, high quality international and national films addressing in diverse ways the social-political conditions, problems and challenges and brings to the screen the worldwide existing dealings with human rights.

The Austrian Commission for UNESCO (ÖUK) is the national coordinator and contact point for UNESCO. It was established on September 14, 1949, after Austria’s entry into the UNESCO in 1948. Its tasks are to advise the federal, regional and local branches of
government in issues related to Austria’s membership in UNESCO, the realization
of and public relations for UNESCO work and programs, outreach to institutions,
specialized organizations, and experts. It represents and assures UNESCO’s
presence in Austria and serves as copyright owner of the UNESCO name and logo
in Austria.

The name ZARA which is a German acronym of “Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit, which means “Civil Courage and Anti-Racism Work” in English. It was founded in 1999, its mission is to combat racism and to promote civil courage as well as a positive approach to cultural diversity.